Evangelist (Ambassador) Patience Christopher-Ibanga Akpabio also known as ‘Pat Akpabio’, is a member of the Grammy’s Recording Academy and a Nigerian-American gospel singer, song-writer, producer, and actress. She is the founder and CEO of La’Khush record label and Patiléon Altitude hairline, lingerie line and Patiléon’s club.

Pat is the daughter of highly esteemed traditional African dancers, (Chief Christopher Bassey Akpan and Ms Regina Akpan), her father danced ‘Uko Akpan’ and mother danced ‘Abang’; traditional African dance.  Pat grew up in Ikono Local Government Area of Akwa Ibom State, Nigeria and Calabar, Cross-River State where she attended The University of Calabar Staff School, Calabar, Cross-River State, where she discovered her gift and love for music. Through the artistic direction and guidance from her father, she made the pursuit of her education first priority while she continued to hone her musical skills and talent. Pat later moved to the United States in 1997 to join her mother and further her education.




Pat began her recording career and released her debut album in November 2009 entitled ‘Right On Time’ a fourteen song album written and produced in its entirety by the gospel singer, and accompanied by a DVD of eleven gospel music videos. The freshman album features hits such as ‘Worthy is the Lamb’ and ‘Have you Ever Wondered’ the soul stirring gospel album has continued to attract fans from diverse faith-based backgrounds and continue nurture the roots of joyful testament to her personal faith. Her undeniable charisma helped liberate gospel’s formal style and has continued to amass success that includes more mainstream gospel music lovers. The album has a perfect balance that has allowed it to stay including her rich heritage of traditional African sounds. Pat has a creative lyrical talent that is a true gift from God.

Pat continued to climb to the pinnacle of success when she completed her sophomore album ‘I’ve Got Feelings’ in April 2011; one of the most highly anticipated projects in the gospel music industry. The album delivered twelve impressive songs that describe struggles throughout relationships. ‘I’ve Got Feelings’, resonates a message of faith, encouragement and triumph through Christ. Song after songs, the albums message seeks to encourage and inspire. It includes captivating beats from various genres of music; R&B, hip-hop and reggae blend. Although the album has a feel of both contemporary and traditional gospel music the true spiritual message has not been altered. ‘I’ve Got Feelings’ has the amazing ability to complement each unique style, which allowed Pat to segue into different genres of music throughout the album. The EVANG released a third Album “You Can” in 2013 that earned her NDDA Best Gospel song of the year 2015 Nominations on the song “You Can” has now released her fourth album. “Even after many other releases and ministration within and outside the shores of Nigeria, sometimes I’m still amazed at what happens when God’s anointing falls during our presentations and evangelism. My latest album “I’m Unstoppable” was written in one of life’s most trying times. I longed and waited on the good Lord and He showed up Victorious. I’ll fail, if I do not pencil His bountiful blessings in my life and my family” Pat Said.
Her first single on the “I’m Unstoppable” Album, released Aug 10, 2015 “I WANT TO KNOW YOU MORE” was written in one of the most trying times of her life where longed for God and He showed up and Princess Pat came out a victor asking to know Him more in deeper revelation of His person, just like the deer panteth  for the waters so her soul longs for God. “I acknowledge His greatness and all the bountiful blessings in my life knowing that God has kept me here for a purpose and that purpose i must fulfill and i.e “CHANGING MINDS, CHANGING ATTITUDES FOR A POSITIVE IMPACT ON THE LIVES OF PEOPLE THAT I COME IN CONTACT WITH DAILY AND VICE VERSA Princess Pat says.”
While charging on the unique blend of the Gospel and contemporary sounds from the latest track with a message of inspiration and hope that Jesus Christ has the final say over our lives, her manager Paul Frank; an international presenter and film maker informed the audience that Princess Pat Akpabio’s latest release ” I’m Unstoppable” has proven again and again that God is revealing Himself in a mighty way, making it clear that with the impartation of the song, Our Lord has made it clear that we are moving into a historic season that will usher in wave after wave of blessings to those who are open to His direction.

In her promise to come up with another hit album and thrill her fans as she has always did, Princess Pat Akpabio, an inspirational Gospel Evangelist with a sultry anointed voice has released her her Fourth album titled “I’m Unstoppable” thereby taking the gospel of Christ to new heights.
Pat’s West African music influenced has deeply rooted in acoustic and traditional rhythmic African instrument thereby giving a fine blend to her lovely tracks. 

Pat Akpabio has clearly and solidly changed the face of Nigerian Gospel music. She has proved that she can impeccably blend contemporary secular music with traditional gospel, and arrived at a mix that is invariably Pat Akpabio’s alone. A diverse and innovative artist, whose stage presence electrifies fans internationally, Pat Akapbio has achieved what many wish to accomplish. She has received several honors and notable recognitions that can attest to her talents. Pat Akpabio is attributed with many Nigerian gospel ‘firsts’. She is the ‘first’ and only Nigerian gospel artist to be inducted and named as a voting member of the Grammy’s Recording Academy, she is the ‘first’ Nigerian gospel artist to receive The National Excellence Award, ‘first’ to have a Hall of Fame named in her honor in Liberia in 2009. She is an Ambassador to the United Nations (POLAC) Peace Initiative and has been nominated as the Nigerian Gospel Musician of the Year in 2010 by the Nigerian Gospel Award, NDAA Nominated Best Gospel Song of the Year 2015 on the track “You Can”

Pat attended Stone Mountain Middle School and Stone Mountain High School located in Stone Mountain Georgia. She graduated from the renowned Georgia State University with a BBA degree in Finance. Pat is an ordained Evangelist and a Lady in the Order of John Wesley. Pat has continued to minister the word of God as called upon.

Pat is the founder and CEO of The Pat Akpabio Foundation for HIV/AIDS and Breast Cancer Research. The foundation is dedicated to the research, awareness, prevention, and empowerment of persons affected, infected, and impacted by these diseases. The foundation is committed to continued empowerment and quality of life support. The organizations guiding principle is simple, “Tell your story, over time you will come to realize that it is never as bad as it seems; as long as you believe that God is the author and finisher of your faith. All things are possible through Christ who strengthens.” 

Pat is happily married to Elder Ibanga I. Akpabio. Their union has been blessed with three wonderful and anointed children; Princess Rachel,  Prince Othniel,  and Prince Daniel Akpabio.